Top shoe
retailer utilizing social media game

Sales activation

Sales activation

15 December
UK-based shoe retailer Office just launched its first social media game which uses a Tinder-style feature to match shoppers with the goal of showing them their ideal pair of shoes.
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UK top shoe retailer utilizing social media game

The Sole Mate game is designed to build brand awareness for the retailer and engage more directly with its shoppers as Christmas nears.

Finding the Shoe Love

Here’s how it works. When users want to check out the game, they choose their gender, and are then shown 10 images of actors, animals or TV series, including Ben Affleck, Dawson’s Creek and a rabbit, and are asked to swipe right if they like them, or left if they don’t. After the series of 10 images, the result pops up, which is supposedly the user’s ‘Shoe Love.’ Users can then share their results via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, or can purchase the shoes. Users can also enter their email address for a chance to win a £250 gift card. The retailer also encourages to use the hashtag #OfficeSoleMate. According to Office, as told to Drapers, so far 17,150 people have played the game and the feature has received 313 Twitter mentions. Additionally, 5,000 email addresses have been captured.

Engaging social media audience

Kathryn Kenny, head of social media and content at Office, said: “For our first ever social media-focused campaign, we wanted to cut through the competitor noise and create a fun and easy-to-use game to effectively engage our online and social audience.” “To date we’ve surpassed any expectations and the reaction has been extremely positive, referring to its user-friendly, humorous and contemporary link to current dating apps.”

Users can play the game several times. A different set of images appears with each try, leading to a different result. This can also be a method of choosing a gift for loved ones, as long as users know a lot about that person. The result could give them a hint as to what to buy.

Office Holdings is a company that operates the “Office” chain of shoe shops in the UK, Ireland, Germany & Concessions In Las Vegas, New York & Chicago. The company’s first store opened in 1981 under the name ‘Office London’ with a concession in Hyper Hyper on Kensington High Street. The name came from the fact that the shop was constructed using second-hand office furniture. The first stand-alone Office store opened on Kings Road in 1984; as of 2014, the company has 105 stand alone stores in the UK and more than 47 concessions.



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